• Incessant progress towards perfection in learning, teaching and realizing their outcomes in creation of world class human resource in Civil Engineering and the most appropriate technologies in the discipline.

  • Our mission is to create world class Civil Engineering technocrats for tomorrow, which is achieved by mentoring, inspiring and educating emerging youngsters of our profession to meet industrial requirements.

  • Functioning as a reliable resource for society through activities like professional organisations, education and consultancy.

  • To bring forth the Civil Engineering graduates who are competent to work productively in civil engineering and allied projects.

  • To develop core competency amongst Civil Engineering under-graduates so as to formulate, analyse and solve civil engineering problems by applying reinforced basics of engineering as a tool.

  • To engrain confidence, professional responsibilities and ethical sense among students so that they strive for the betterment of society.

HOD'S Message

Head Of the Department

Civil Engineering is the oldest and broadest discipline of Engineering which maintains the foundation for our modern society by implementing a range of public and private projects to improve the physical infrastructure and environment. A Civil Engineer comprehends and integrates scientific principles with engineering experience to plan, design and construct the modern infrastructure to enhance the quality of life.

The undergraduate program provides the technocrats of tommorow the theoretical knowledge, which is vital to apply the scientific approach to solve modern day problems that are encountered by the Civil Engineers. The UG Civil Engineering degree facilitates the acquaintance of knowledge to work in the widespread areas of Civil Engineering like Environmental, Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation etc.

The Department of Civil Engineering of CIT is committed to inculcate the core competency skills to make the aspiring student strong with theoretical and practical aspects, which makes a graduate to outshine the competition and also to adopt to the challenges of the competitive world. We provide the opportunities to the students to enhances their practical knowledge, so as to bridge the gap between theoretical aspects by offering internships, Site visits, Project works at renowned companies, technical workshops, Student development programmes etc. Join us to become a Civil Engineer, gaining mastery over the subjects and the proficiency to spread the knowledge.



Technical staff

Mr.karnesh W M
Mr.Mamtha P K
Madhu C U
Asst. Instructor
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Student Achievements






Mr.Pavan Kumar N

Assistant Professor