Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Engineering



Department Logo & Description



    • To Develop highly competent minds in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science with moral values and skills to meet the current minds.




  • To deliver modern technology-based education to the students to cope up with the current demands in Artificial intelligence and Data Science.
  • Provide training to improve technical & soft skillsets.
  • Promoting social consciousness and integrity amongst the students.


  • PEO1: Display the exploratory and analytical skills by developing practical solutions for real-world challenges encountered in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • PEO2:  Involve in research and construct intelligent systems in various domains, including machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. Contribute to advancing, knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • PEO3:  Demonstrate a professional and ethical mind set while addressing challenges with social awareness. Showcase strong abilities in cooperation, communication, and leadership.



A graduate of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program will demonstrate.

  • PSO1: Develop intelligent systems by showcasing comprehension of human cognition, machine learning, and data engineering.
  • PSO2: Apply learning algorithms and methodologies to interpret, analyse, design and implement Artificial Intelligence-driven solutions that benefit.


Prof.Ramesh H R

Head Of the Department, AI & DS Department.

Dear readers,
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. As the Head of the Department for AI and Data Science, I am excited to share our commitment to excellence in education, research, and innovation in these cutting-edge fields.

At our department, we strive to empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to navigate the dynamic landscapes of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Through our comprehensive curriculum, hands-on projects, and industry collaborations, we aim to equip our students with a solid foundation in both theory and practical application.

Our dedicated faculty members, who are experts in their respective domains, are committed to providing mentorship, guidance, and support to our students throughout their academic journey. We foster an inclusive and collaborative learning environment where creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving are encouraged.

Moreover, our department is at the forefront of research and innovation in AI and Data Science, with ongoing projects that push the boundaries of knowledge and drive real-world impact. We are proud to be contributing to advancements in areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, data analytics, and more.

At the end, I invite you all, Together, let’s embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and transformation and learn more about the exciting opportunities that await you in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at Coorg Institute of Technology.

Best wishes,


Ramesh H R

Prof. & Head of AI & DS

Mrs. Seethulakshmi P

Assistant Professor

Technical Staff's

Mr Harish K J


Mrs. Thasmiya Naghma

Asst. Programmer

Non-Teaching Staff's

Mr.Arunkumar G


Events & Activities


Inauguration of AI & DS Department Laboratory

8:00 am - 5:00 pmCIT Ponnampet,kodagu

Social Connect and Responsibility

8:00 am - 5:00 pmbanglore

Student Association Inauguration

10:00 am - 5:00 pmCIT Ponnampet,kodagu


  • Industrial Visit to Ai Robosoft & U R Rao Satellite Research Center (URSC), Bengaluru


The Department of AI & DS organized an Industrial visit for 3rd semester students at Ai Robosoft & U R Rao Satellite Research Center (URSC), Bengaluru on 7th February 2024.