Campus Placed Students in the year 2021-22



  • To establish Mechanical Engineering Department as a Centre of Excellence to mould students for global competence.



  • To impart quality technical education in mechanical engineering domain through excellent teaching-learning environment.

  • To strive hard to inculcate best knowledge and latest skills to ensure competitive edge in the current scenario.

  • ·To motivate students to their full potential and prepare them for a great career in research and development.



  • PEO1: Apply their engineering knowledge and skills to find suitable solutions to technological challenges and problems in various areas of mechanical engineering and related fields.
  • PEO2:  Inculcate effective communication, team work, ethics, leadership & entrepreneurial skills for a successful career in industry, R&D organisation.
  • PEO3:  Apply concepts of mathematics, science & computing in the field of mechanical engineering.



  • PSO1: To develop and implement new ideas on product design, development and production with the help of Computer Aided Engineering tools & motivate students to pursue higher education.
  • PSO2: Make students employable and industry ready with the concern for society/ environmental well being & to become successful entrepreneurs.


Prof. Thimmaiah A G

Head Of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at CIT. The Department of Mechanical Engineering was started in the year 2010 and has made remarkable achievements during its journey. The Department is one of the youngest and the finest of the college. Our aim is to be a Centre of Excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering where the best of teaching, learning and research blend together.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced faculty members, driving the department towards excellence in teaching. Our laboratories have been very well established not only to cover complete syllabus but to motivate students to learn beyond the syllabus which definitely develops complete knowledge of the subject and skill sets of students to become promising engineers in future. The Department organizes seminars, workshops on wide-ranging topics every year.

We have a very good Industry-Institute interaction and we organize industrial visits for students periodically to provide an opportunity for them to interact with working professionals from industry.


Mr. Thimmaiah A G

HOD,Assistant Professor(Ph.d)

Mr. Sujith N S

Assistant Professor(Ph.d)

Mr.Jnanesh M

Assistant Professor(Ph.d)

Mr. Kishen Karumbaiah B J

Assistant Professor(Ph.d)

Mr. Suresh Kumar A

Assistant Professor

Dr. Muthanna K P

Associate Professor

Mr. Rajesh T N

Assistant Professor

Mr. Aravind Appanna K E

Assistant Professor

Mr. Biddappa P S

Assistant Professor

Technical Staff

Mr. Chittiappa A U


Mr. Sujith Keshavan SS


Mr. Prakash

Asst Instructor

Mr. Madhu

Asst Instructor

Mr. Chandan N K

Asst Instructor

Non Technical Staff's

Mr. Raju B C




Industrial visit

10:00 am - 4:00 pmCIT Ponnampet,kodagu

Food Walk

10:00 am - 4:00 pmCIT Ponnampet,kodagu

Expert Talk on Electric Mobility

10:00 am - 4:00 pmCIT Ponnampet,kodagu

10 days’ workshop on CATIA V6.0

10:00 am - 4:00 pmCIT Ponnampet,kodagu

Study Visit to Heritage site in Madikeri

10:00 am - 4:00 pmCIT Ponnampet,kodagu

Student Achievements

  • KSCST Funded Projects:
  • Design & Fabrication of Coffee Cherry Collecting & Bagging Machine
  • Design & Fabrication of Portable Trencher
  • Design & Fabrication of Coffee Out-Turn Machine
  • Electric Bike
Sl. No
Project Title
Name of Students
Semi-Automated Cement Plastering Machine
Chirag Nanjappa CV
Nivesh Appanna AR
Gowtham SS
Mahesh KJ
Rs. 8000/-
Design & Development of River/Pond waste & weed collector.
Sayand N
Sreerag Vijay
Nabeel MR
Adarsh M
Rs. 8000/-
Design & Development of Polyethylene Terephthalate Plastic Recycling machine.
Glenn Gahan B
Poovanna KV
Dhanush S
Prathik P
Rs. 8000/-
Improved Battery-operated weed cutter.
Muthanna MT
Abhilash TK
Darshan PG
Punith CS
Rs. 8000/-
Fabrication & modifying arm for Crop Reaper Machine.
Dhananjay G
Abhishek V
Rakshith CR
Ranjesh VA
Rs. 8000/-
Mr.Thyan Thimmaiah of VII Semester Mechanical Engineering led the VTU Hockey Team in the South Zone Inter-University Championship 2019-20 held at Bengaluru.

Mr.BhuvanNanaiah , VII Semester Mechanical Engineering represented VTU Hockey Team in the south zone inter university championship 2019-20 held at Bengaluru

Selected for KSCST 2018-19

Selected for KSCST 2018-19

Selected for KSCST 2018-19

Gilan Karumbaiah, student of First Year Mechanical Engineering Department successfully converted a Petrol run motorcycle to a Electric bike.

Department Achievements

  • Electric Vehicle
The staff and students of mechanical engineering department have designed and developed a multipurpose electric vehicle. This vehicle named as EV-COLT runs with 1.5KW motor and has a payload capacity of 500 Kgs. This vehicle has been designed for transportation within the The vehicle has been designed and fabricated in the college at a cost Rs. 1,36000/- and is sponsored by Kodava Education Society ®.


  • Seminar on “Adoption of Technologies for Sustainable Farming”
  • One day Workshop on “Machine tool and Maintenance”
  • Industrial Visit to Sharavathi Hydro Power Plant, Shivamoga
  • Webinar on “Health Naturally” 0n 13th May 2021
  • Awareness Course on “Overview of Aircraft Design & Development” on 08/06/2021
  • Workshop on CAD & CAM” on 16th Nov 2021
  • Seminar on “Entrepreneurship and start-ups” on 30th Dec 2021
  • Technical Talk on Applications in Cryogenics Engineering –A Research Perspective

A session on adoption of technologies for sustainable farming was organized by the Mechanical Engineers Royal Association (MechERA) on 3rd March, 2020 by the resource person, Biddanda Bopaya Thimaya, Retired CEO – Metal Crowns Ltd, Nairobi.
Mr. Bopaya Thimaya currently being a coffee planter, is passionate towards agriculture. He has many innovative ideas to automate agriculture. He shared his ideas to build projects on coffee drying, coffee de- husking. He motivated the students with his own project on coffee drying which dries coffee in six hours. He also shared his views on farmers who are facing labourer problems so as to help them with projects on agriculture.

One day Workshop on “Machine tool and Maintenance“ was organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering under the banner of MechERA for Cauvery polytechnic ,Gonikoppal on 13th March 2020 by the resource persons Prof. Kishen Karumbaiah B J and Prof Aravind Appanna K E,Asst Professors,Department of Mechanical Engineering Coorg Institute of Technology
Prof Thimmaiah A G, HOD Dept of Mechanical Engineering welcomed the gathering and handed over the session to the Prof Kishen Karumbaiah B J. He started with different machine tools and educated students about the current tools and their applications. Further Prof Aravind Appanna K E explained the different maintenance approach to keep the machine healthy
A practical maintenance of lathe was conducted by Mr. Chandan, Instructor Dept of Mechanical Engineering, continued with a valedictory session in the evening

An Industrial visit to Sharavathi Hydro Power Plant was organised on 8th November 2019. Sharavathi Hydro Power Plant in Karnataka is commissioned in 1964. It has an approved and installed capacity of 1035 Megawatt.Students were given a brief explanation about blue print of the plant and different aspects of the turbine. 82 students of Mechanical Engg. Department participated in this event.

Industries visited: An industrial visit was organised for students of Mechanical Engineering Department from 02-12-2021 to 05-12-2021 to provide an insight on the real working environment of industries. The following industries were visited.

1. Industrial visit to Vijaya Technocrafts Pvt. Ltd, Bhadravathi, Shivamogga.

2. Bellary Thermal Power Station, Kudithini, Bellary.

3. TB Dam Power House, Hosapete

A workshop on Lathe Maintenance was organised for students of Cauvery Polytechnic Gonikoppal on 01-10-2021 .A hands-on session on machine tool maintenance was conducted which involved active participation of all the 25 students.

This webinar was organized with a moto of educating the young minds the importance of being physically and mentally fit and healthy naturally. The resource person for the session was Dr. Hitesh A V, Sri Ramakrishna Ashram Hospital, Ponnampet, Kodagu. He inspired our students to stay healthy through proper food habits, diet, and regular exercises. He also emphasized on stress and anxiety management and its effects on health. The program was concluded with an interactive session between the speaker and the participants followed by vote of thanks.
An Awareness Course on “Overview of Aircraft Design & Development was organized from department of mechanical engineering in association with K-tech COE, Aerospace & Defence on 08/06/2021.
Resource Person Topics
Kantheti Badari Narayana, Principal Consultant at K-tech COE, Aerospace & Defence

Introduction to  Aerospace Engineering , career opportunities in aerospace in current market and need of aerospace in curriculum

Nicky Harries O S, Design/Digital Manufacturing Engineer, K-tech CoE, Aerospace & Defence

Design & Manufacturing of aerospace and also the current software’s available for aerospace design in the market

Mr. Mandar Inamdar , Structural Finite Element Analyst, K-tech CoE, Aerospace & Defence

Handling Linear, Non-Linear, Dynamic, Explicit, Composites, Thermal Analysis domains and also Three Point Bending Test on AGS Vane

Madhu S R, Electrical harness Design Engineer, K-tech CoE, Aerospace & Defence Solid modelling, drafting, assembly and Electrical Harness Design
Miss Aishwarya Hattiholi, Model Based Systems Engineer, K-tech CoE, Aerospace & Defence About Genser project involving the Development of Electrical Power Generation & Distribution Systems and Architecture, Self- Propelled Cable Car.

A workshop on “CAD & CAM” was organized on 16th November 2021. This session was designed with the view of educate the students about recent trends in the field of computer aided design and manufacturing. The resource persons for the session were Mr. Rakshith & Ms. Ramya, CAD Desk, Mysore. The resource persons emphasized the importance of CAD & CAM in the present scenario, Future scope and career opportunities. The session included creation of a basic model using Catia & analysing the stress factors.

A seminar on “Entrepreneurship and start-ups” was organized on 30th December 2021. This session was designed with the view of motivating the young minds to be an Entrepreneur. The resource person for the session was Mr. Aditya M D & Mr.Shreyas, Co-Founders EXEtronics. The speakers emphasized the importance of being an entrepreneur by sharing their own journey to become an entrepreneur and start a company called EXEtronics.

A Technical talk was organized for final & pre-final year students of mechanical engineering department on the topic “Applications in cryogenics Engineering-A research perspective”. Talk was delivered by Dr.Nagendra H N, research associate in Center for Cryogenic Technology IISc Bengaluru. Dr.Nagendra’s talk focused on application areas of cryogenics such as superconductivity, cryogenics transfer line in space applications and scope for research in the respective areas. He also highlighted on the facilities available in IISc to take up research work.


Neha Dechamma M D

2nd Year

K.A Tharang

2nd Year

Nivesh Appanna

3rd Year

Poovanna K.V

3rd Year

Sonica Ponnamma A L

4th Year

Nanjappa U B

4th Year