Electronics & Communication ENGINEERING


UPCOMING EVENTS 1) Workshop on Embedded system design by IISc team 2) SDP on Machine learning using python programming


  • “Develop high quality Electronics and Communication Engineering professionals with  global competence”



  • To create a conducive avenue to learn strong fundamentals in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  • To train the students to meet the global challenges by inculcating a quest for modern technologies in the emerging areas.
  • To develop an innovation center in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering with industrial and university collaborations.
  • To develop entrepreneurial skills among the students to create new employment opportunities



  • PEO1: The concepts acquired by the graduates in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering will lead them to a successful career and will be able to pursue higher education and research.
  • PEO2:  The leadership and communication skills acquired by the graduates will help them to work efficiently with diverse teams, promote and practice appropriate ethical practices.
  • PEO3:  Life-long learning attitude procured by the graduates during the program will make them adapt to work with new environments, assimilate updated information, solve problems throughout the career.



A graduate of the Electronics and Communication Engineering program will demonstrate.

  • PSO1: Professional Skills: An ability to apply concepts in Electronics and Communication Engineering to design & implement complex systems in the areas related to Analog & Digital Electronics, Communication, Signal Processing, VLSI & Embedded Systems.
  • PSO2: Competitive Skills: An ability to make use of acquired technical knowledge for successful career & qualifying in competitive examinations at the National & Global levels.


Dr. Divakar S.S

Head Of the Department, EC.

Electronics & Communication technology has made the world smaller, smarter & faster connecting the world together. The Electronics & Communication Engineering Department was established in the year 1999 at Coorg Institute of Technology. The Department has consistently maintained an excellent academic record. The students are groomed to excel in the field of technology with a pervasive course which aims to produce versatile engineers, competent enough to work in industry and pursue higher studies. The Department not only aims to make its students technically sound and knowledgeable but also to nurture their wisdom and make them a better and responsible human beings.


Dr.Divakar S.S

Associate Professor,HOD

Dr. Kavitha P C


Dr. Navaneeth Bhaskar

Associate Professor

Mrs.Sushma K.R

Assistant Professor

Mr.Mahendra S.M

Assistant Professor

Mr.Benaka Santhosh

Assistant Professor

Mrs.Dechakka M P

Assistant Professor

Mrs.Suman H M

Assistant Professor

Ms.Sithara Chondamma

Assistant Professor

Technical Staff's

Mr.Harish T.P


Mr.Manjunath S V

Asst Instructor

Mr.Sunil A.C


Mrs.Ramya C


Mr.Janardhan P.C

Asst Instructor

Non Technical Staff's

Mr.Santosh V R

Lab Assistant

Student Achievements

  • Meghana V G, Vaishnavi P N, Shreelatha G U, Rizwan M A and Amulya N E
  • Vaishnavi P N, Shreelatha G U, Rizwan M A and Amulya N E
  • Navya M M,Pallavi K C,Rakshitha P P,Thangamma M U

A team of 5 members bagged 4th place in a 2 day Hackathon event “MAKERSPACE” organized by INFOSYS, Mysore DC on 7th and 8th September 2019. The participants Meghana V G, Vaishnavi P N, Shreelatha G U, Rizwan M A and Amulya N E of & 7th Sem E&C, under the guidance of Mr Ramanath Kini M G Asst. Prof, Department of E&C built a project on concept of sustainability.

Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal organized a 3 days national-level annual technical fest, TechTatva ’19 from 9th to 12th October 2019 at their innovation center, Mahe, Manipal. Among the various categories in the fest, Vedanth 9.0, a technical exhibition, provided a platform to showcase the products, prototypes and ideas from young engineers. Among the total 19 teams participated in the Vedanth 9.0, the VII sem students of Electronics & Communication engineering department, Coorg Institute of Technology, Halligattu, Ponnampet, Amulya N E, Rizwan M A, Shreelatha G U & Vaishnavi P N bagged 4th runner up position for their model “Smart Vehicle” . The Management, Principal and HOD, EC Department of CIT applauded the effort of students. Nowadays, everything around us is smart. So our vehicles require smartness. The Smart Vehicle Technology helps in reducing the noise pollution emitted from vehicles using Wireless Communication Technology and advances the trait of automotive design. Including few other applications, which are human friendly and eco-friendly. The overall concept plays a major role in developing sustainability.

Improvised Techniques to Monitor Agricultural Practices.


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  • one-day Hands-on workshop on " Digital Signal Processing using Simulink & Introduction to Machine learning using MATLAB "
  • Advanced Embedded System using NI LabVIEW
  • Workshop on Image Processing using MATLAB

Department of Electronics & Communication engineering, Coorg Institute of Technology, Ponnampet conducted a one-day Hands-on workshop on ” Digital Signal Processing using Simulink & Introduction to Machine learning using MATLAB ” on 28.02.2020 for VI & VIII sem students. The resource persons were Dr. Shreekanth T, Project Manager and Mr. Arun Kumar C, Senior Engineer, L & T Technological services, Mysuru. The Hon. Secretary, Kodava education society, Mr. C P Rakesh Poovaiah, inaugurated the workshop. The Principal, Dr. Kavitha P C and The HOD, Department of ECE, Dr. Divakara S S graced the occasion. The staff members of the department were also present on this occasion.

Department of Electronics communication engineering, Coorg Institute of Technology, Ponnampet conducted a three days Hands-on workshop on Embedded System IOT sensor application using ARM Cortex from 18.02.2020 to 20.02.2020 for VI sem students. The resource persons Prof. S M Narasimhan, Entrepreneur and expertise in embedded controller, shared their vast knowledge in the area of Embedded system in a much simpler way.The Hon. President, Kodava education society, Mr. C P Belliappa, inaugurated the workshop addressed the students. The Principal, Coorg Institute of Technology, Dr. Kavitha P C and HOD, Department of ECE, Dr. Divakara S S graced the occasion. The staff members of the department were also present on this occasion.

Embedded project lab was inaugurated in the Department of Electronics & Communication engineering on 25 th September, 2018 in collaboration with ELINTZ LAB, Bangalore. The chief guest, Mr. Vinay Gowda, CEO , ELINTZ lab and Mr. Divakara S S , HOD, Dept. of ECE, presided the function. The chief guest addressed the students and motivated them to make best use of the lab to develop in-house embedded projects. The MOU was signed between Principal , HOD , Dept. of ECE, CIT and ELINTZ LAB CEO. This was witnessed by the President and Secretary, KES .

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) of Coorg Institute of Technology, Halligattu, Ponnampet had organised a three-days workshop on ‘Advanced Embedded System using NI LabVIEW’ from 13th to 15th March, 2019 in association with ELINT LABZ, Bengaluru for VI & VIII semester ECE students.The resource person for the workshop was Dr. A.V. Ravikumar, Professor and Chief Coordinator, LabVIEW Academy (SJBIT), Bengaluru. The workshop mainly focused on LABVIEW, a graphical programming environment used to develop sophisticated measurement, test and control systems as well as interface with Arduino, an open hardware development board that can be used by hobbyists and makers to design and build devices that interact with the real world.

Department of ECE conducted a three day Hands-on workshop on “Image Processing using MATLAB” from 14/11/19 to 16/11/19 for V & VII sem students. The resource persons were Dr. Ashok Rao, Former Head, Network Project, CEDIT, IISc, Bangalore and Dr. Moh. Imran, Sr. Data Analyst, NTT data , Bangalore. The workshop covered various digital image processing techniques like Image enhancement, Image segmentation etc and illustrated the various algorithms in MATLAB tool.

Mini project expo was organized and coordinated by the Dept. of ECE for the students of III & V semester, giving an opportunity for the students to exhibit their technical intellect and creativity. “light tracking solar panel, gas leakage detection, human pulse rate checking module, color based human gesture control, Music rhythm LED flash light circuit were the highlights of the expo.



8th Semester


8th Semester

toppers 2020-21


toppers 2020-21