• “To establish Mechanical engineering department as a centre of excellence to mould students for global competence”.

  • To impart quality technical education in mechanical engineering domain through excellent teaching-learning environment.

  • To strive hard to inculcate best knowledge and latest skills to ensure competitive edge in the current scenario.

  • ·To motivate students to their full potential and prepare them for a great career in research and development.


PEO 1: Apply their engineering knowledge and skills to find suitable solutions to technological challenges and problems in various areas of mechanical engineering and related fields.

PEO2: Inculcate effective communication, team work, ethics, leadership & entrepreneurial skills for a successful career in industry, R&D organisation.

PEO 3: Apply concepts of mathematics, science & computing in the field of mechanical engineering.


PSO 1: To develop and implement new ideas on product design, development and production with the help of Computer Aided Engineering tools & motivate students to pursue higher education.

PSO 2: Make students employable and industry ready with the concern for society/ environmental well being & to become successful entrepreneurs.

HOD'S Message
Prof. Thimmaiah A G

Head Of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at CIT. The department of Mechanical Engineering was started in the year 2010 and has made remarkable achievements during this journey. The department being one of the youngest and the finest departments of the college. Our aim is to be a centre of excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering where the best of teaching, learning and research synergize.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced faculty members, driving the department towards excellence in teaching. Our Laboratories have been very well established not only to cover complete syllabus but to motivate students to learn beyond the syllabus which definitely develops complete knowledge of the subject and develop skill sets of students to become promising engineers in future. The Department organizes Seminars, workshops on wide-ranging topics every year.

We have a very good Industry-Institute interaction and we organize Industrial visits for students periodically to provide an opportunity for the students to interact with working professionals from industry.



Mr.Thimmaiah A G
HOD,Assistant Professor.(Ph.d)
Mr. Sujith N S
Assistant Professor(Ph.d)
Mr.Jnanesh M
Assistant Professor(Ph.d)
Mr. Kishen Karumbaiah B J
Assistant Professor(Ph.d)
Mr. Muthanna K P
Assistant Professor(Ph.d)
Mr. Suresh Kumar A
Assistant Professor
Mr. Rajesh T N
Assistant Professor
Mr. Aravind Appanna K E
Assistant Professor
Mr. Biddappa P S
Assistant Professor
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Technical staffs

Mr.Chittiappa A U
Mr.Sujith Keshavan SS
Asst. Instructor.
Mr.Chandan N K
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Student Achievements


Mr.Thyan Thimmaiah of VII Semester Mechanical Engineering led the VTU Hockey Team in the south zone inter university championship 2019-20 held at Bengaluru


Mr.BhuvanNanaiah , VII Semester Mechanical Engineering represented VTU Hockey Team in the south zone inter university championship 2019-20 held at Bengaluru

Design & Fabrication of Coffee Cherry Collecting & Bagging Machine

Selected for KSCST 2018-19

Design & Fabrication of Portable Trencher

Selected for KSCST 2018-19

Design & Fabrication of Coffee Out-Turn Machine

Selected for KSCST 2018-19